Getting Connected

Well you have finally arrived at your new city, unpacked the boxes and possibly started work.  Now it is time to make connections in your new community! Rebuilding your social network can be challenging as well as an exciting part of relocation. On this web page you will find tips and resources to help you make connections in your new community.

Here are some tips to help you build new relationships:

  • Look around you: the first step to creating connections is to look outside ourselves. Look for someone with similar interests.
  • Join in: you can join in by volunteering or joining a club based on your interests.
  • Be a good neighbour: if you see a new family moving in, you could go over and say hello. You know what it’s like to be the “new kid.” You can be that welcoming friend.
  • Try a new interest: you can step outside your own comfort zone and try something new. This gives you the opportunity to do something new and meet new people along the way.
  • Share your talents: if you have a talent to share, others might want to join you in learning.

For information about the BFRC programs and services go to the BFRC website or give them a call at (705) 424-1200 ext. 3048 for more information

Newcomer groups

There are a variety of newcomer groups in the local area such as the Welcome Wagon at 1-866-675-8380 or the Barrie Newcomers group at (705) 737-9772. Newcomer groups welcome you to the area and provide you with a sense of what the community is like and the chance to establish relationships in the community.


One way you can get connected in your community is volunteerism. Check out the resource below to find different volunteer opportunities.

Borden Military Family Resource Centre

Phone: (705) 424-1200 ext. 3994

Help support your community! Ongoing volunteer opportunities are available to you through the BFRC. Volunteering can help you connect with other people who might have similar interests and life experiences. Contact the BFRC Volunteer Services Coordinator Facilitator for more information at (705) 424-1200 ext. 1579.

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This page was updated May 03, 2017