Base Borden is the largest common military training base, with more than 25 training establishments and units, employing over 3000 personnel. 

Large employers in local area Base Borden include Public Service, Non Public Funds (NPF), Borden Family Resource Centre (BFRC), Honda Canada Inc. in Alliston.

The language proficiency requirement to work in Borden is English, although many positions require or request bilingual (English and French) language proficiency to work on the Base. Base Borden is a bilingual base with most jobs related to the base requiring specific language profiles and/or ability to communicate in both official languages.

In the surrounding areas, positions located in Angus, Barrie, Alliston and throughout Simcoe County often require only English proficiency. 

The BFRC offers a self-help Employment Assistance Service, with a goal to assist civilian spouses and youth in meeting their educational and employment goals.

Resources and services include:

  • Employment Assistance Self-Help Service
  • Resource library – employment assistance books and education resources
  • Computers with free internet (GPNet) access
  • Access to printer, photocopier and fax machine
  • Referrals to employment agencies (both English and French) and educational institutions
  • Job postings in the area
  • Job search techniques

For links to employment and education sites, please visit the Borden website at https://www.cafconnection.ca/Borden/Adults/Employment/BFRC-Employment-Assistance.aspx 

Employment services and information are also located in the BFRC Resource Library, where staff are available for inquiries and referrals. Please contact the BFRC for more information or assistance at 1-705-424-1200 ext. 3994.

Employment Agencies

The provincial government of Ontario funds employment resource centres (ERC) and the BFRC has a partnership with many local employment resource centres. Referrals are made to several employment resource centres that provide English, French and bilingual services, and the BFRC has a resource sheet listing multiple employment resource centres in the local area and within the county. For more information you may contact the BFRC or consult with the following agencies.

Below are a variety of employment agencies that will be able to assist you in finding employment in Barrie and the surrounding area.

Barrie Career Centre - Helps individuals find employment and provides assistance with their job search in identifying and defining their employment goals, job search strategies, identifying transferable skills and help in developing an employment plan, information and referral on community services and supports and much more. The Barrie Career Centre is part of the Network of Employment Ontario Service Providers. 

Barrie Employment Services Centre Northern Lights – Offers employment programs and services, workshops and information sessions, and postings on job opportunities, apprenticeships and training information  www.northernlightscanada.ca/barrie

FOCUS Community Development Corporation - Provides a variety of employment services to residents of Simcoe County.  Their website also has a variety of resources such as a job search board, tips for job seekers and more.  Their job search board allows you to have access to job listings throughout Simcoe County.

Job Connect (Collège Boréal) - Offers a variety of employment services free of charge to individuals who are looking for a job.  Provide services such as job search assistance, employment / worker pairing and much more.  They also have a direct link website www.jobboreal.com that gives you access to resources and information that can help you in your job search.

Job Search Engines

There are many job search engines available online. Here are a couple that you may find helpful:

WowJobs.ca is a search engine that is designed specifically for the Canadian Job Market. 

Nuevoo.ca is a job search engine that allows you to search by company, skills, keywords and location.

Quick Facts

  • The main language proficiency required to work in Borden is English although there are many positions which request bilingual
  • Predominant employment market in Simcoe County:
  • 27%, Sales and Service occupations
  • 18%, Trades, Transport & Equipment Operation
  • 15%, Business, Finance and Administration
  • 10%, Management
  • 8%, Processing, manufacturing and utilities
  • The unemployment rate of Barrie is 7.3% (2014)
  • As of June 2014 the minimum wage in Ontario is $11.00 an hour

Employment Insurance - Service Canada

Web: www.servicecanada.gc.ca

For information about employment insurance such as eligibility and how to apply go to the Service Canada website and choose employment.


  • Focus your job search - make a list of criteria you want your job to fulfill such as area of town you would like to work and the organizations that you are interested in working for. Refining your job search will help you narrow down the jobs postings.
  • Connect with your contacts - do you or your spouse have any contacts in the town you are relocating to? If so, let them know that you will be moving to the area and ask them to let you know of any job openings in your field. Personal and business connections can often be a great way to find a job;
  • Contact the Employment Agencies - the employment agencies will be able to provide you with tools and assistance to help you with your job search (see below for a listing of agencies);
  • Target your resume & cover letter - tailoring your cover letter and resume to the job posting will allow employers to see your skill set that will fit into that particular job. It is helpful to research the organization you are applying to, check out their website and gather as much information as possible. The information you collected can be added to your cover letter;
  • Prepare for the interview - Research as much information as possible about the job and the company. Practice mock interviews with a friend and ask for their feedback;
  • Follow up after the interview - connect with the employer shortly after to interview to find out the status of job. Let them know that you are still interested in the position. Do not be discouraged if you didn’t get that job. Take the opportunity to seek out any advice they have for future interviews and ask if their organization will have any more employment opportunities in the near future.

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