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Child Care

What is childcare like in Borden?

There are a variety of childcare options in the Borden area, however there are waiting lists at most agencies.

There are two licensed childcare centres in the Borden area: Borden Family Resource Centre (BFRC) and La Clé d`la Baie. There are three licensed childcare centres in the Angus area: The Kinder Garden, YMCA Angus Morrison and YMCA Pine River.There are also a number of unlicensed care providers in the Borden and Angus area. Families who are relocating may want to consider putting their name on a waitlist as early as possible.

If you are moving to the Borden area and are requiring childcare get your name on as many waitlists as possible, as waitlists are often long.

I have a child with a language minority-what are my childcare options?

There is one Francophone childcare centre in the Borden area. La Clé d`la Baie Garderie Le petit voilier-École élémentaire catholique Marguerite-Bourgeois offers care for children 12 months to 12 years of age. The BFRC strives to provide childcare in both languages. However there are more options for Francophone families in the Barrie area. Families who are looking for Francophone childcare might want to consider expanding their search to the Barrie area. For assistance in locating childcare services in French contact the BFRC.

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Child Care Program

Borden Family Resource Centre

The BFRC offers full-time and part-time care for children 0 to 5 years of age. Part-time care is offered based on enrolment availability. It is important to register as early as possible.

Finding, Choosing and Funding Childcare in Borden Area

For information on finding, choosing and funding childcare in Borden area please refer to the Guide for Parents in Canada 

Tips for finding childcare

  • Connect with the Borden MFRC to gather information on finding childcare in the Borden area
  • Check the Government of Ontario Child Care Finder to find a licensed childcare centre near you. Please note: put your names on as many waitlists as possible
  • Connect with family, friends and colleagues to see if they know of any childcare facilities that are accepting new children

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Emergency Childcare

How to Plan for Emergencies(.pdf)

Borden MFRC Emergency Childcare Program

Tel: 705-424-1200 ext. 2046 / 3994

The BFRC Emergency Child Care Program offers support and resources to members and their families during emergencies. The purpose of the Emergency Childcare service is to help CF families meet unexpected child care needs that are a direct result of their CF duty requirements; to enhance and support the Family Care Plan; and to support CF families during short-term crises until they are able to make longer-term child care arrangements. If a family's Family Care Plan fails, BFRCs Emergency Services Program is authorized to fund up to 72 continuous hours of emergency child care for a variety of urgent circumstances. Please see the BFRC website for more information. Examples of emergencies that would qualify for this service are:

  • When the CF member is on duty and the spouse/caregiver is unavailable due to illness or a family emergency.
  • When a single parent or both parents are CF members and CF duty requirements are such that the regular child care provider is unavailable.
  • When a child is ill and the parent is unable to access their usual child care arrangement at a time when the CF member's presence at work is critical to the military operation.

Click here for more Emergency Child Care Options (.pdf)

Child Care Planning

In addition to having the Family Care Plan in place it is important for you to develop your own back up child care plan. Prepare a form for each child in your family. Keep a copy for yourself and give a copy to a trusted friend or relative as part of your backup plan (e.g. if you become ill during a deployment). If you need assistance with preparing a plan, the MFRC can help!

Download: Emergency Child Care Plan (.pdf)

Family Care Assistance          

Administered by local units, Family Care Assistance (FCA) is designed to assist CF single parents and service couples by offsetting increases in your normal costs for child care or attendant care when service requires you to be absent from your home unit for 24 hours or longer.

Family Care Plan

All Regular Force and Primary Reserve members are responsible for ensuring that they have a Family Care Plan (DAOD 5044-1) in place to accommodate deployments and emergencies. Having a Family Care Plan ensures that members have made arrangements for child care in preparation for situations in which they will need to be absent for duty reasons. When developing your Family Care Plan Declaration it is essential to consider all of the possible scenarios in which you could be absent for duty reasons. These could include emergency call-outs, domestic and international operational deployment, training and short-term duty requirements.

Fill out your Family Care Plan Declaration and return it to your unit. If you require help to develop your family care plan, contact the MFRC for assistance.

Download: Family Care Plan (.pdf)

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Respite Child Care

The military lifestyle creates additional challenges for parents, such as finding someone to care for your child when you're new to the community or looking for support during a deployment. Parents benefit from taking a break once in a while to recharge their energy. This section provides resources to help you with respite childcare.

Borden MFRC Casual Care

The BFRC offers casual childcare for children 0 to 6 years of age. This program is offered from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Mondays and Thursdays. You may register for space on a Monday or a Thursday up to two weeks in advance. For more information on casual childcare or to register, contact the BFRC at (705) 424-1200 ext. 2471 / 3994 is a website funded in part by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, and the Ministry of Community and Social Services. Here you can find out respite care options in your community, funding options and information about services for individuals with autism or other developmental disabilities.

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