Parents and Caregivers

In this section you will find information on dealing with a new diagnosis, choosing and finding respite care, speech and language development and much more. Below is a listing of these tools. Please check them out to find one that is most helpful to you.

Raising Your Military Child


This interactive presentation covers many deployment and relocation issues that may exist for your child - no matter what age they are.

What is Respite Care?

A video developed by the Community Respite Care Committee to help give families a better overall understanding of what respite care does and the different types of care that families can choose from.

What is Respite? from Community Respite Care Committee on Vimeo.

This brief introduction to respite provides helpful information for parents/guardians.

How to Find a Respite Caregiver

In this toolkit you will find a variety of helpful information and tips to assist you in finding quality care for your loved one.

Download (PDF)

Caring From a Distance

Caring for a loved one can not only be rewarding but beneficial to the caregiver as well, especially for those caring from a distance. This article provides tips and suggestions on creating a network support team, enlisting the guidance of a professional, such as a social worker or nurse to aid in the physical care and daily needs of your loved one. Caring from a distance to achieve the ultimate goal means reaching out to other family members and friends that may be closer to work effectively together.

Choosing a Caregiver

Finding quality childcare is important for every family. Whether you are looking for full time care while either parents work, or the occasional evening off, it is important to find someone you trust. If your child has special needs, there may be additional skills and experience that you want your caregiver to have. This toolkit assists you in finding specialized quality care for your loved one.

Please note: All of the information on finding, choosing and caring from a distance is available in a printable version. If you wish to print it off, please click on the link below.

Guide for Choosing a Respite Caregiver for Children with Special Needs

Choosing a Caregiver (PDF Printable Version)

How to Build a Caregiver Binder

A PowerPoint presentation developed by the Family Navigator Program to help families build a caregiver binder. This will be of great assistance as it allows you to keep all of your loved one's important information in one place.

Reaching IN...Reaching Out


Reaching IN...Reaching Out website provides a variety of tools to promote resiliency in children.  This site has videos, a guidebook, suggested booklist and articles.

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