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In this section you will find tools to help support and cope with unique challenges of military such as relocation or deployment. Below is a listing and descriptor of these tools. Please click on them to find one that is most helpful to you.

Coping with Deployment

A toolkit that consists information on how to prepare and cope with a deployment. This toolkit includes tips for coping during the deployment and ways to involve your children to help stay connected with your loved one while they’re away.

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

A toolkit that provides you with information to help give you a better overall understanding of PTSD. Includes tips on how to recognize the signs and symptoms of PTSD. At the bottom of the article you will also find various websites that have a wealth of information on operational stress injuries.

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You're Not Alone Guidebook

Military Family Services has produced a guidebook that provides basic information and highlights mental health programs and services that are locally available to military families in most military communities and those that are accessible on a national level. The mental health and social wellness guidebook, entitled "You're Not Alone" includes an overview of (approximately 50) programs and services currently available to military families.

You're Not Alone Guidebook

Relocating or Traveling With a Child With Special Needs

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Traveling with children is an adventure. Whether you are moving to your new posting or taking a summer vacation, if your child has special needs, there will be extra considerations. This article has suggestions from BC Children’s Hospital for traveling with children with medical needs.

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Many thanks to:
Lidia Kemeny
Director, Child Health Advocacy
BC Children’s Hospital

Top 10 Questions to Ask when Moving with a Child


This document has a list of the 10 Top Questions to ask when moving with your child who has a special need or learning disability to help make moving a positive experience for your family.

Deployment Videos for Military Families

The “D” Word

The “D” World is a video which helps families prepare and cope for deployment or other work-related separations.

They’re Back!

Reuniting with a loved one can often be a very exciting but overwhelming experience. They're Back will help you prepare for reunion and provide you with tips on how to communicate with your loved one to make the reunion transition more enjoyable.

Re-establishing your Relationship

Re-establishing Your Relationship will help couples get their relationship back to a comfortable place that they see and feel as normal.

Re-establishing Your Relationship from Esquimalt MFRC on Vimeo.

Suggestions for military members and their spouses on how to re-establish their relationship after work-related separation or deployment.

Singles Homeward Bound

Singles Homeward Bound was developed to help single military members prepare for the highs and lows of homecoming. 

Singles Homeward Bound from Esquimalt MFRC on Vimeo.

Being single and dealing with the highs and lows of homecoming.

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