Finding employment in a new area can be challenging. The Bagotville MFRC has an Employment Support Program to help Canadian Forces spouses, reservists and their spouses and youth within the community with their search for employment or educational training. Resources and services include:

  • Orientation and help for an active employment search
  • Advice and support with resume, cover letter and business cards
  • Information on educational programs within the community
  • Assistance with interview preparation
  • References on programs and employment groups
  • Information and training on various themes related to the local job market
  • Help during a posting and more

Please contact the Bagotville MFRC for more information or assistance at (418) 677-7468.

Employment Agencies

Below are a variety of employment agencies that will be able to assist you in finding employment in the Saguenay area. 

Local Employment Centre Locator - The local employment centres (CLE) offer services or resources to persons who need employment assistance or last-resort financial assistance. They assist employers with their human resources administration and development. 

There is certainly a local employment centre near you. There are some 150 local employment centres (CLEs) and service points located throughout the 17 regions of Québec. You may obtain the addresses of all CLEs and see their locations on a map. The locator shows the CLE by the kinds of services offered. For more information, go to http://www.mess.gouv.qc.ca/services-en-ligne/centres-locaux-emploi/localisateur/Index_en.asp

Job Search Engines

There are many job search engines available online. Here are a couple that you may find helpful:

WowJobs.ca is a search engine that is designed specifically for the Canadian Job Market. 

Nuevoo.ca is a job search engine that allows you to search by company, skills, keywords and location.

Placement Agencies

Another option to consider when searching for employment is placement agencies. Placement agencies help connect employees and employers with either full-time or contract work. Below is a listing of placement agencies in your local area. If you are interested, please check them out to find what is most suitable for you.

Services de Personnel Saguenay inc.

Gestion VCA


Quick Facts

Below are some important statistics about employment in Saguenay;

  • The main language proficiency required to work in the Saguenay area is French although many employers may see fluency in English as an asset.
  • The unemployment rate in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean is 11.3% (Statistics Canada Labour Force Survey, March 2014). Please note: these are averages and are subject to change. Please check the Government of Quebec website for the most current statistics.
  • As of May 2014 the minimum wage in Quebec is $10.35 an hour. 

Employment Insurance

Service Canada

Web: www.servicecanada.gc.ca

For information about employment insurance such as eligibility and how to apply go to the Service Canada website and choose employment.


  • Focus your job search - make a list of criteria you want your job to fulfill such as area of town you would like to work and the organizations that you are interested in working for. Refining your job search will help you narrow down the jobs postings.
  • Connect with your contacts - do you or your spouse have any contacts in the town you are relocating to? If so, let them know that you will be moving to the area and ask them to let you know of any job openings in your field. Personal and business connections can often be a great way to find a job;
  • Contact the Employment Agencies - the employment agencies will be able to provide you with tools and assistance to help you with your job search (see below for a listing of agencies);
  • Target your resume & cover letter - tailoring your cover letter and resume to the job posting will allow employers to see your skill set that will fit into that particular job. It is helpful to research the organization you are applying to, check out their website and gather as much information as possible. The information you collected can be added to your cover letter;
  • Prepare for the interview - Research as much information as possible about the job and the company. Practice mock interviews with a friend and ask for their feedback;
  • Follow up after the interview - connect with the employer shortly after to interview to find out the status of job. Let them know that you are still interested in the position. Do not be discouraged if you didn’t get that job. Take the opportunity to seek out any advice they have for future interviews and ask if their organization will have any more employment opportunities in the near future.

This page was updated May 03, 2017