Why create a Respite Program?

Respite and the Military Lifestyle

The military lifestyle brings with it certain challenges for families. Add to the mix a family member with special needs and responsibilities and the situation can be even more challenging. That is why respite care is so imperative.

In acknowledging that respite resources and funding are rare in some communities, we have tried to create a local respite option that would provide respite to families during deployment. As an addition to the Navigator Project, funding was secured from the Victoria Foundation. (Copies of funding proposals can be made available if your center wishes to pursue this kind of option).
This following guide is a step by step process used when working with families who are looking for respite. As you will see, other options are explored before using the MFRC respite funds.

Respite Project Goals

  1. To help families of deployed members in our community find safe, comfortable and appropriate respite care for a loved one with special needs.
  2. To utilize the current funding as efficiently as possible to maximize the assistance we can offer to families.

What is Respite?

The Navigator Project focuses on finding the right assistance and support for military families. The goal is to make every day, week, and month better and to prevent crises. However, when the process is not yet running smoothly – and sometimes even when it is – it can be important for families to have a break. That is the purpose of this deployment respite project, to add to services already being provided through the Navigator Project.

Respite care offers families a break from the challenges and demands involved in facing both a deployment and caring for a family member with special needs. Respite care is designed for families nearing overwhelm. It is designed to help prevent families from needing Emergency Child Care or other Crisis Support services.

This page was updated December 16, 2009

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