Respite Program Procedure

Step One: Exploring Respite Options with Families

Finding a caregiver can be a difficult task under the best of circumstances. In a respite care situation, it is especially important that the right caregiver be found. The following page outlines a range of caregiver options. It starts with family and friends. This option may already be exhausted when families approach the MFRC but it is still worth exploring. Situations where trust has already been established are ideal.

The decision to seek respite care and the source of that care is based on two questions.

  1. What support do you need right now?
  2. What systems and supports do you already have in place?

For a more detailed exploration of respite care options, please see the related article on Finding a Respite Caregiver.

Step Two: Logistics, Time and Finances


  1. What does the family need now to function well?
  2. What is the cost of the care option?
  3. Is the family willing/able to absorb part of the cost?

If there is no cost option that the family is happy with or the family is able to cover the costs, then we can support the family in making the final arrangements on their own with the caregiver.

If funding is an issue, this is where we look at the funding options available to us. It will be up to each centre to decide if they can find money in their budget, if they will apply for a special grant or if they will only assist in the brainstorming process.  This respite program was designed to mirror the regular deployment childminding.  Often the available hours started at the same level. However,  there is no predefined allotment for respite hours. The hours provided are based on the family’s immediate need and whether a low cost/no cost option can be found.

In general the process starts with a baseline suggestion, for example two three hour blocks over the next month. Allow room for renegotiation over time as both families and our staff figure out what is working and what is not.

Sample caregiver costs:
Babysitter                 $5
Nanny Service         $12-15
Respite Provider      $10-15
Recreation Aide       Variable

Step Three: Family Respite Package

All families looking at respite care get a copy of the Family Respite Package. The contents are listed below. The originals for can be accessed through the Lead Navigator.

  1. MFRC Introduction Letter which includes Terms of Use
  2. Caregiver selection guide
  3. Childcare planning document
  4. Respite Form with emergency contact information for Navigator Files

Step Four: MFRC Respite Project Record Keeping

For each family involved in the respite program we should have on file:

  1. Navigator Referral and Assessment Form
  2. Signed Terms of Use Document
  3. Emergency Contact Document
  4. Respite Tracking Form
  5. Staff notes on circumstance and caregiver matching process

This page was updated December 16, 2009

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