Family Network Programs

Sample Beliefs, Vision, Purpose and Goals


  • Family members with special needs and responsibilities are part of the community and their presence is vital to the enrichment of our society
  • Families are a valuable resource to each other and the community as a whole
  • Families must have a major say in the development of policies that affect them
  • Society has a moral obligation to ensure that the fundamental rights of all people are honored
  • Families are the foundation of society


  • Every family member has the life-long supports they need to live valued, productive lives in their community
  • Families have the confidence and assurance that individualized, flexible, consistent and continuous supports will be there as part of the fabric of our communities


  • To be a collective, family voice
  • To nurture a “safe space” of mutual support for families
  • To connect families so they can offer each other strength, stability, confidence and knowledge


  • To provide a forum for sharing information about issues of common concern
  • To encourage the development of family networks in each community, province and territory
  • To facilitate national family networking
  • To collaborate with related organizations as needed
  • To be a collective voice that influences policy making
  • To be a collective voice of families that is a significant social and political force for changing negative attitudes towards special needs
  • To strengthen families
  • To have fun!

If you are interested in developing or getting involved in a “family network” for CF families with special needs and responsibilities, contact your local MFRC to see if there is already an established group. If not, they will be able to assist you in getting a family network started in your community.
Adapted with permission from the New Brunswick Community Association for Community Living Website.

This page was updated November 23, 2011

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