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Groundhog Déjà Vu

Question: Think of a time you’ve been in the zone. What were you doing? What got you there? How did you feel during the activity? How did you feel afterwards? Remember that movie, Groundhog Day, with Bill Murray? He plays Phil, a TV weatherman who gets trapped in a time-loop in a small town on…Continue Reading

The Dance of Giving and Receiving

Questions: What do you give? What don’t you give? How do you receive? Christmas has come and Christmas has gone. Valentine's Day came and went. All this giving and receiving has me thinking about giving and receiving. Giving is easy when it's done from the heart. When you genuinely want…Continue Reading

10 Ways to Stay in Love

“Healthy families” includes having a healthy relationship with your spouse. The quality of your connection is of the utmost importance. I’ve put together 10 tips on what couples can do to keep that loving feeling. Have sex – Yeah, that’s right. Sometimes if you’re…Continue Reading

Alphabet Soup

Tell me: What tips and tricks can you offer to help close the communication gap between “us” and “them”? I had just started dating my now-husband when he asked if I would mind giving him and his buddy a ride to their ship. They were deploying for a couple of weeks and didn’t…Continue Reading

Complaining and Criticising

Challenge: Can you make it through a whole day without complaining or cutting someone else down? How did you do? How did it feel? I recently had the most pleasant opportunity to spend the week with my sister. Besides having amazing genes, she is a person of tremendous character. She is so easy to be…Continue Reading

Is It Alzheimer’s?

Question: If you know someone with dementia, what were his/her first signs? Susan had been deployed on a ship for six months. When she returned she was immediately sent home for six months of training near her hometown. One of the first things she did was to visit her mom and dad, Jane and Glen. They…Continue Reading