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Grandma’s Rocker

Some years back, my grandfather developed Alzheimer’s disease. My grandmother started to notice that he began to be forgetful at first, then he started to say things that didn’t make sense. He would repeat a question asked and answered a moment before. He got overly safety-conscious with…Continue Reading


ControlProbably the biggest relocation challenge of my life was when I moved to Saudi Arabia and lived in a “Westerner’s compound” with 50:8, men to women. Talk about change! The losses of so many of the freedoms I had always taken for granted was, to say the least, shocking. I had…Continue Reading


ArrivalsHave you ever noticed that when we’re in a place we’ve never been before that we have a tendency to compare it with places we have been? There was a valley in Ethiopia that reminded me of Nashville, a dusty sunset in Saudi Arabia that reminded me of a polluted sunrise in Athens, and…Continue Reading


MoveYour house is on fire! You have only a few precious minutes to grab stuff. You run around, knowing that whatever you don’t take will perish in the flames. Naturally, you grab your new coffee maker, your Jimmy Choo shoes, and a box of frozen chicken breasts. You’ll miss your cat and children…Continue Reading


Departures“We got our posting yesterday,” Tracy said. “You’re kidding! You just got here,” I was surprised that my RHU (Residential Housing Unit) neighbour was leaving so soon. They showed up about 10 months ago. We were on our shared front-lawn where she was setting up…Continue Reading

The Healthy Military Family: The Best Way Forward is Through

Families are complicated.  When you put families into the military and move them from place to place the complications get more complicated. The challenges that military families face can be tough: find a new daycare; set up eldercare for a parent; console a child who misses her friends; find a…Continue Reading